Write on Wipe off maps

Writing or painting on our laminated maps is very simple. Simply have a dry marker, we recommend the brand Bic Velleda®, and as you can see in the following video you can draw and erase directly on the map.

How to paint and erase on a map?

The laminated maps of our company are prepared with a layer of plastic on both sides that allows you to easily draw with dry markers or markers, such as those known from the Bic Velleda® of presentation boards.

Uses of laminated maps

Laminated maps are useful for both the company and individual people . From marking routes or commercial actions to being able to mark the zones of our next trip in a fast and visual way. All maps are double-sided laminated so they can be placed on the wall in a simple way.

In the business field, our laminated maps are used by thousands of companies in various fields. From large logistics companies, to more local commercial companies to be able to locate their actions on the territory. The double plastic protection also allows to clean the map with a cloth also serving as a reference for a specific territory.

Buy our laminated maps

On our website you have more 1000 wall maps created with digital technology to paint and erase directly on the plane. From world maps to maps of cities or regions. All the variables of territory to be able to give it greater utility.

All our laminated maps purchased online have free shipping, to any country in the world, delivery via UPS or Fedex, depending on the geographical area, to all countries in the world through our special white cardboard tubes 97 X 5 X 5 cm. The map once extracted can be fixed on the wall simply with double-sided tape or you can place it in a frame.

Shipment free via UPS to; Emirates, Saudia Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, Irak, Syria & all Africa. Shipped always in our special cardboard tube.